An In Depth Look At Honda Civic Headlights


Modifying your Honda Civic headlights is another way that you can set your Civic apart from all the rest. There are certain ways to go about doing this depending on which model year Honda Civic you have. There are a few styles of headlights that are available. These different styles of Honda Civic headlights totally change the front of your car. I myself prefer the dark tinted headlights, however the current rage is the clear look.

Clear corners are clear side marks. These are usually the amber part of your headlight where the turn signal resides. Depending on your state you may still be required to have amber bulbs for your turn signals even if you have clear corners. If this law is in your state I suggest that you do not get clear corners because they will not be altogether clear with an amber bulb in them.

There are also black "projector" Honda Civic headlights. These headlights have a black housing with chrome lenses. This style of Honda Civic headlight is pretty awesome. Many come with BMW style angel eyes. These angel eyes are a ring of LED lights that encircle the headlight lenses.

Choosing bulbs for your Honda Civic headlights is another part of installation. You can opt for the "cool blue" look, some Civic owners go for the "Super Yellow" look reminiscent of the Le Mans race cars. Whatever your choice, bulbs will set your Honda Civic apart from the rest at night.

A word of warning. You should never get blue or red turn signal bulbs for your Honda Civic headlights. These color bulbs are illegal on the roads of the United States. Blue and red are colors that are reserved for emergency and law enforcement vehicles. If an officer of the law sees you signaling with a blue or red bulb you could have arrested for impersonating a police officer, which is not a light charge. There are stories of tuners being locked up for having blue and / or red turn signal bulbs.

Honda Civic headlights are a very important exterior modification. Installing a pair of these bad-boys will make your Civic hot !!!

Source by Garland Robinson

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